Special offer from 09/15 to 09/30

Special offer from 09/15 to 09/30


It is here for the promo,


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Then you could do a kind speech « Take advantage of this promotional offer to start make your camp » or « 3 planes for the price of 2, it’s exceptional » (it’s not true) or « Do not miss not super promo that lasts only 15 days « and no, we’re not like that, we prefer to say things actually.

This association, we have created to share knowledge in furniture, but to convey, we must disseminate and diffuse, we must euros.

One would ask for donations and put the free plans, it’s true, that’s sharing (for the 10% who donate 90% who are free).

So we preferred the option of sale (cheap) so if you want that our association continues, do not hesitate to buy this promo for yourself or for someone to offer plans.

 trestle 2

– Date: 1325-1335

– Material: Oak –

Origin: Germany

Trestle table Sir Geoffrey Luttrell, Taken from the book Luttrell Psalter in the British library.

Value: 5 €


Bench 2 Style 1

– Date: XIV, XV

– Material: Oak

– Origin: Unknown

– Size L 84cm x W 30cm x H 42cm

– Product not folding

Value 8 €


lantern 3

– Period: XV th / th

– Material: Wood, leather, metal

– Country: England

– Dimensions: H 29cm x 20cm

Diam Drawing philosopher Diogenes walking in the city of London

Value: 5 €


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