Who are we ?

>Who are we ?
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The organization Le Plan Histo has created LePlanHisto.com wich is a site dedicated to historical furniture plans for reenactors , enthusiasts or collectors …

Our goal is to upload an encyclopedia of historical furnitures plans at very affordable prices.

We focused on medieval and Renaissance period to the launch site .

Other periods will be added : the Roman Empire, the Egyptian dynasties … and other parts of the world : Japan, China , Peru …

LePlanHisto.com was born under the leadership of two brothers, Stanislas and Maximilien Massieu .



Stanislas , 44, co-founder

Stan Massieu, fondateur du Plan Histo

I ‘m rebuilding the medieval past twenty years and my biggest challenge was to find plans for making furniture for my camp I often had to interpret . and spending time creating my own plans of all kinds. with my brother, the idea came to us to create and share with the community our research and creations. I assure planhisto.com for the link the community.

My goal : to save you time!




Maximilien , 40, co-founder

Maximilien Massieu, fondateur du Plan Histo

I am architect collaborator Young , I rubbed the world of medieval enthusiasts The research plan has always been an uphill battle for them. . followers of pageants . I’m in charge of the design of plans and I pays particular attention to the accuracy of designs and ease of reading plans. ”

My goal : you  make your  furniture furnitures yourself “




We would also like to thank everyone who is helping us , supported and encouraged in this adventure. What are our friends, our relatives, we send them our most sincere thanks.

If site is dedicated to our father, who raised us to give and share knowledge ” We miss you .”