Table 2


– Time : XVth (1420)

– Material : Wood, metal

– Origin : German

– Dimension : L 179,13″ x l 29,92″ x h 1,79

– Not demountable product

The plan is sold without trestles

As most of the tables in the Middle Ages, it is a folding table of knowing a tray gone up on trestles. We think that she was intended for the meetings and not for the banquets, maybe she the same was painted on the occasion of a solemn assembly the participants of which were the holders of coat of arms painted on the border. We find besides German coat of arms, Scottish or Moorish coat of arms. Close friend of another table kept to Lüneburg in Lower Saxony, the table of the Musée du Moyen Âge is native of Germany of the North. The style of paints, during Conrad de Soest, allows to date her of the beginning of the XVth century.

The table joined the collections of the museum in 1864 and undergoes only some dust removals and refixage from paints

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