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To simplify your life , our craftsmen are there.

Buy the plan , the product in kit or the finished product.


Sébastien Mory (aka Momo)
Sébastien Mory (aka Momo)
Quentin Roscel (aka Forgi)
Quentin Roscel (aka Forgi)

How do we choose our craftsmen?

We select the artisans we work according to several criteria:

  • Work by hand without the use of electrical machine.
  • Compliance plans .
  • The search for old techniques .
  • Each product even remade , remains unique. It is guaranteed by the craftsman who manufactures in compliance with the actual product.
  • To ensure good product design, we ask the architect to reproduce the object with our plans. This allows him to better understand and tame the best technique for the design .
  • We communicate enormously in order to be closer to the original design of the object.