How do we work?

>How do we work?
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We make our blueprints from objects , paintings , books, etc. under certain conditions :

  • Each blueprints is made from object, painting, book , image , fresco , stained glass and other real support.
  • We need the media is dated and a dimension ( length, width or height) is specified.
  • We reproduce only historical objects from the Neolithic to the 19th century, all countries .



We spent many weeks building an image database from historical books, photographic, museums, painting, sculptures, tapestries times …

The Plan Histo commits to  :


  • You will regularly offer new


  • Adjust our plans if necessary, the constraints of our time

  • Supporting you in your custom projects

  • Plans provide simple , accurate and understandable

  • Keep prices low to finance the operating costs of the site and the time spent to research and design plans

Our working method


  1. Collect as much product information , photos, ratings, etc.

  2. We enter the picture in our manufacturing software

  3. Product realization in the picture, by checking odds to progressively project

  4. When the product is finished, we do an audit of the strength of materials with software

  5. We put the page with quotes



Example of a thirteenth century bucket


This sample blueprint is to show you that we provide you , in PDF and A4.

All blueprints are to scale, we expanded the parts to give you maximum detail .

Each furniture component has its detailed plan.

Some parts are transparent , note the interlocking parts and where the depth of some cavities.

Some fixtures will be bonded for support in time.