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If you do not find a solution from the list below, please contact us!

After making your payment, the download page appears immediately , download this by pressing the small square below the product description. If you have not , please contact us via the form . Remember to include your order number.

Here is the example of e-mail that you received with the link of download.


If you have nothing, please contact us via the form. Do not forget to indicate your number of command(order).






Check your spam folder or contact us by specifying your order number .





You can download 3 times the blueprint.





We use Sketchup Pro for modeling and layout and a plugin to test the resistance of materials .




The bedstead rope is tightened to the maximum and re- stretched regularly to prevent sagging mattress and a dislocation of the different pieces .




Plans dimensions in centimeters for better visibility on some plan ribs in millimeters because the pieces of wood requires more precision The measurement scales : 1 / 1st ( this means that 1 inch on the map represents 1 inch in reality) 1/ 2 ( this means that 1 inch on the plan represents 2 inch in reality) …

The ratings must be respected , adjustments can be made at the end of completion so that the pieces fit together perfectly. Wood is a material that undergoes changes over time, an adjustment of the parts is possible.






Must be drilled precisely following the registrant on a blueprint

the plan is to scale 1 and so that you can cut out the blueprint to put directly on the desired materials.

You must use a wood hammer to drive a piece .





Wood should be entitled to good quality and flawless. Wood is a living material that can change with time , go for dry wood and resistance . The essence of the wood is important, according to the dimensions , choose noble species . Materials must be stored indoors to avoid any change in temperature or humidity.




The tools are chosen according to the importance of the work , they must be chosen according to their use and handle with care Wear safety goggles and gloves when using power tools





Check this page.





We reinvest all in the organization, for the development of the website and its proper functioning, to pay for software to make our blueprints and to pay for the inputs of museums and other cultural sites that allows us to find good source for our blueprints .