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Place order in 5 stages

You can buy a product by clicking to add to cart.

You can continue your purchases by exploring the site.

If you wish to pay your order, click to See basket.

The basket is accessible since the top of every page of the site.

To visualize your basket, it is enough to put you on basket and a window opens. You can then either continue your purchases, or to see more details of your order either to order.









It is a small datasheet.

Additional information

This page is of no use, but we have not the ways to delete it, then we keep it.








You visualize your orders

Before validating your basket, do not forget to verify products (especially for the custom-made product) so that you forgot nothing.

The advantage of our site, no problem of stock or delivery, everything is digital, after payment, you receive by e-mail (immediately) the link of download.

Click then the button Pay with Paypal.

Why Paypal, because all the others to ask us to pay subscriptions, what would have increased the costs on products, there, we pay to Paypal 5 % of the order.

Paypal :

Well, there, we let you make, you know.

Then, one support to pay.









Because thanks to you, our association can live, all the collected money serves to pay the functioning of the site and the travels on the camps of reenactment.








Here he is, just has there to click on the links in blue (this e-mail can sometimes hide in the unwanted to see e-mail box)